Good deals today on 2018 iPad Pros

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Not sure what made me laugh more, the image or the intro text.

On 2nd thought, roughly 7% off the regular price being considered a “clearance” bargain may be most laughable of all. That about covers sales tax in some places!


Yeah, it’s not even “free pencil” except on the higher end models. Enough for me, though, I was a trap about sprung.


We got the missus an 11" ipad pro a few months ago. Heads up, there are almost no keyboard/cover combos in this size other than the massively expensive one via Apple. Still waiting on Logitech as none of the other brands seem familiar and I am suspicious of positive Amazon ratings on those.

The 12.9" ipad seems massive. The way they are displayed in the store, they put them all close to each other so the 11" looks small…until you take it home. I closed all the 12.9" ones so she could just hold the 11 and realize it was already bigger than the old one she was used to and she was happier with that choice, more bang for the buck.

I have a 1st generation 12.9" iPad, and it’s excellent. For my uses, I can’t imagine going to a smaller one.


Also worth pointing out that these were cheaper for the past week at Best Buy, if you really wanted one.

Guessing… for pen sketches? That makes sense and I think using as an arts tablet justifies that size. She’s mostly using it (the older one, anyway) for games, youtube & news. I was excited about the art apps but I don’t think she’ll want me messing with it. :slight_smile:

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Initially, yeah. And we also got rid of the TV in our living room, and use it to stream things to watch as needed instead.

If she ever allows you to mess with the art apps, I highly recommend Procreate.

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Can I plug an harddrive in an iPad Pro and manage files?
That’s pretty much the only thing that prevents me from replacing my 10years-old MacBook…

The pencil is good, and now that they’ve fixed the unforgivable abomination of a charging arrangement on the original version, it’s actually realistic to use it.

Between that and the square edges, the new models are the first since the original iPad to offer a qualitative improvement.

As I type this on my 11-inch iPad Pro, tho, I am conscious that the main drawback - the keyboard - has still never really been addressed. They’ve even backpedalled on the split keyboard, which had a lot of potential as an idea. (Obviously, I am ignoring hardware keyboard options since, if that is an option for you, you want a laptop and not a tablet).

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It was a serious question so I don’t know what to make of your gif.


Every year I throw all my computers in a dumpster

where is your dumpster, mate?


The struggle to establish and maintain a file-based workflow on iPad is the white hot ball of anguish at the core of the whole debate over its usability as a main computer. So your question, seriously asked, is both perfectly innocent and painfully cromulent.

You can, but file browsing is a application that’s not necessarily accessible from within other applications. Your ability to use files, and external storage, will depend upon the apps you use and the exact details of your workflow.

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Unlike these ones, which are all new and soon to be replaced.

@Beschizza; seriously rob, I have to wonder…we always mention overproduction, polution, global climate-catastrophy, capitalism, un-repairible devices (apple anyone?) you name it. and still I read stuff like

Every year I throw all my computers in a dumpster and make another desperate, clawing, doomed effort to use an iPad Pro as my “only machine” and it is once again Time.

or this

Other iPads are on special too, but don’t bother, they’re all old and soon to be replaced.

from you?

(typing this on a eeePC901 from 2010, drawings and painting done on a motion j3500 tablet-computer with screen-integrated wacom-digitizer, also from 2010, bought for 150(!) bucks off ebay. newest device in my household is a external SSD for 20 bucks)

The 2018 iPad Pros are kind of exceptional since they are based on the current high end hardware in the iPhone XS, including FaceID.

Historically iPads have lagged behind one generation of silicon. Not this time. These things are crazy fast.


Every time I see Apple prices I laugh.

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I don’t really throw all my computers in a dumpster.