Good grief, it's Zangief


It looks like Zangief has been hitting the cheeseburgers.

I am loving these comic-con posts - happy mutants having fun! Moar cosplay!

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I have to borrow this photo. I have to. Please.

Zangief saying labels not make you happy. Good, bad, nggghhhh… you must love you.


He looks like Scott Ian.

All right, Skeletor, I hope I look that good when I’m a greybeard.

Russian wrestling is always number one!

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I saw him in NYCC today. I cannot believe they allowed someone that naked in the con to cosplay like that.

You mean, because he’s a middle aged dude?

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Red Cyclone indeed

It looks comfortable and cost-effective, albeit perhaps a bit chilly – plus, of course, it lacks a convenient place to keep one’s wallet. For some reason I cannot help but think that it might be enhanced by more (fake) scarring.

But the first thing that came to mind was CollegeHumor’s “Street Fighter: The Later Years” (2006).

Wait – Mr. Fass IS the guy from “Street Fighter: The Later Years”. Makes a little more sense now, hopefully.

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Zangief meets Zardoz?

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