"Good guy with a gun" kills a teenager

Rush used it in one of their songs too. I didn’t know they were quoting someone else, too.


If he was mentally ill; he may have lacked the capacity to determine his own mental status and may not have been guilty of that hypothetical crime due to diminished capacity.


Imagine living without guns.


“It’s easy if you try…”


So of course they were going to rob the store - they were carrying guns. Except, wait, the shooter was carrying a gun, too… funny how “good guys” with guns see themselves as special exceptions to everything involving guns. (And everyone else is supposed to magically know that, as well.)

*Except for those possessed by cops or wannabe cops, apparently.


Not to mention, the store is a store that sells guns, and as such you might maybe stop to think that the people openly carrying guns into a gun store might be returning them or getting them serviced. Unless you’re a paranoid authoritarian who’s just itching to use that gun of yours to get yourself some glory, like maybe an armed security guard who is ‘guarding’ a mall that he wasn’t even hired to guard?

Wonder if he failed the police entrance exam, and why?


it probably means the gun is no longer employed at the store. the security guard murderer, however, is presumably still employed. ( since that how it seems to work for cops who murder people. )


It was the parking lot of what seems like a shopping mall, so it’s unclear to me if he knew what store they were going into. (But if he didn’t, that means he shot someone for carrying a gun in a parking lot, unsure if they were going into any store. Which isn’t any better.)

I’ve said, in the past, that having a gun would only protect you from being a victim of crime if it also made you psychic (and thus able to determine who was going to commit a crime before they did so), but apparently some gun owners think they do…


In a state where open carry is apparently legal.

Open carry is lawful in Washington without any permit . Open carry of a loaded handgun in a vehicle is legal only with a concealed pistol license. Open carry of a loaded long gun in a vehicle is illegal, regardless of CPL possession.


Imagine there’s no shootings
it’s easy if you try
no assessing doorframes
hearing classmates die
splattered on the concrete
while you’re trying not to cry

OH you may say that I’m a dreamer
but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you can join us
and stop worshiping those guns…


While airsoft guns pride themselves on their accuracy to the specific firearm they are modeled after; the blaze orange tips are supposed to prevent these sorts of encounters.


He didn’t even work there. He was security guarding murdering children voluntarily.

Narrator: The problem wasn’t the airsoft guns or the kids…


This Up Here GIF by Chord Overstreet

Toxic gun culture mixed with toxic masculinity. No good thing comes from that.


Technically, open carry of long guns is legal in Canada (may be restricted municipally, but I don’t think so because it’s federal jurisdiction), but doing so in a populated area is gonna get you into some real trouble.

At least handguns here are restricted, and may only be transported with an Authorization to Transport and under strict security conditions like you have to go directly to an approved range and they need to be locked up. The sale and transfer of handguns was made illegal a while back, but you can keep any you already had, and I’m sure that will change the microsecond the Conservative party gets back into power.

And before anyone calls me out for being wrong, I’ll state that this is based on what I learned in my PAL courses back when I was going through my hypermasculinity ‘proving I’m a man’ phase like a decade ago and I no longer even have my PAL, so my info might be outdated. In fact, I hope it is.


Phrased that way to avoid triggering snowflakes who think guns and gun owners must be offered every possibilty to deflect blame. Curious if he would describe an assault as “the suspect’s punch was released” or “a knife belonging to the suspect was inserted into the victim.”.


“The man told police he has seen numerous crimes occur in the parking lots and conducts “overwatch” there to ensure his son is safe.”

I suspect that getting both first and second amendment scrutiny would be unpragmatic; but if you describe your day-to-day activities through (questionably accurate) references to military tactics you probably shouldn’t have access to anything more dangerous than safety scissors…

I’m also morbidly curious whether the victim was of the pigmented persuasion; whether the local cops consider private security an honorary member of the force-and-impunity tribe; or if they are just so practiced with the past exonerative tense that anyone who isn’t being perp-walked gets access to it.


I’m living without a gun right now!


Once again, this is why my kids are not allowed to own toy guns (or real ones, obviously.)


Americans should be mandated to play cooperative online shooters like Helldivers 2 as a teaching tool. They’ll learn right away that equipping good guys with guns leads to a large number of dead good guys before the first bad guy even has a chance to show up.

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