Goodbye Cat Fancy, hello Catster!




Did they hire a time-traveling branding consultant from 1999?


Shutup! It’s cool - just like Napster and Friendster!


Hey, at least they’ve made a lurching step toward the present day. “Cat Fancy” sounds like Victorian prurience.


Cat Fancy is the name of my Cat Stevens-in-drag sketch.


I’ve never read either of these magazines, so I guess you could say I have no dog in this fight.

Please, hold your applause.


We are not amused.


Cat Fancy’s living anachronism is precisely what made it great in the current landscape of turning websites/blogs into print publications. Sigh.


Cathartic and Doggerel were taken?


Great. Now nobody will get it if I make a Weasel Fancy joke.


You’ll just have to make do with making Weaselster jokes.


Weaselstr, surely.


Puns? Are you kitten me?


Sigh…I came here to make a very similar comment.

Oh wait…is the ‘…ster’ suffix like a beard, trucker hat or cod-piece now…all ironic and shit?

Naawww…you’re likely right about the time traveler idea - but maybe it’s actually a time traveler from the future .

Perhaps stranded - who is just trying to fly under the radar - trying to survive - who sees our decade as being just like the late 90’s – remembers from school, re-runs, chronovore (life-extension user) relatives or whatever that ‘…ster’ is cool, and is using these garbled remembrances to blend in and survive in our era…much like how CDR Spock said LDS instead of LSD.


In another 50 years they’ll change the mags to “Dogbot” and “Catbot”.


And their sister publication will be Motorcycle Consumer Newster?


Furry steampunk?


Always remember, a categorematic is a word which a cat can use by herself as a term; but she mustn’t try to use it along with another cat, for that is not the idea.–Far from it. We have the authority for it, you see–Mr. Webster; and he is dead, too, besides. It would be a noble good thing if his dictionary was too.

-Mark Twain, “A Cat Tale” (1880)

So many perfectly good “cat” words and they had to go with “Catster”.


Cat Fancy sounds like a kind of small feline cake.