Goodbye LDB game, Hello Whamageddon


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Still have this on vinyl, it’s beyond awesome.


Hunh… I wouldn’t recognize the song if I heard it, so do I insta-win, or am I just disqualified? (and I mean the Wham song, I wouldn’t recognize a Wham song if it jumped up and bit me)


Unless you’ve never turned on a radio or been in a store during the month of December, I highly doubt that.


I’ve already been #Whamhalla’d, but it’s not even close to my least favorite holiday pop song. That dubious honor falls to Sir Paul McCartney:

I don’t know why I hate this song so much, partly because it is everywhere, and more the tune than the lyrics.


I lost both of these challenges just two days ago. Though if the contest had started when Christmas music had started its far more likely I lost it the Monday before Thanksgiving.


I have already lost both. Had done so two weekends ago, actually. Along with what ever laudable games are won by not hearing “Happy XMas (War is Over)”, and “Do they know it’s Christmas?”

Still killing it on “Christmas Shoes”.


I’m still trying to find a way to slip in some bouncy techno/gabber into the mix of Christmas songs


Jerry Granelli, the drummer, is sick this year and has called off his tour. I sure hope he gets better.


MYOWP MYOWP MYOWP myowp myowp myowp myowp myowp…
MYOWP MYOWP MYOWP myowp myowp myowp myowp myowp…


I think because it is not so intrusive, also Vince’s piano work is just wonderful… just about all other versions can DIAF other than The Hoodoo Gurus which is the one true version!




Does it count if you accidentally listen to this magnificent mashup?

Santastic 8 is my favorite of all of them, highly recommend!

Thats nice! Can we make this the official “alternative christmas songs” thread?


And Marlene Dietrich, singing in German:


What’s Christmas without Lou Rawls singing LDB?


Pleasant? Happy? Restful? I love Lou’s singing, but seriously most versions (99.99%) of that song get old in 2 seconds…


A few days ago, I heard “Frosty the Snowman” in my local Safeway. I tried so desperately to pretend it was the Goodfellas soundtrack.

Nope. Didn’t work.


Oh, on the subject of Frosty the Snowman, I absolutely implore everyone to go visit the Rankin Bass website. I discovered it the other day, trying to find out how I could stream Rudolph for my daughter. This work of art puts the Space Jam website to shame.


Thanks for that, for real. That’s a band I used to be really into, and kind of forgot about. Sadly Spotify have also forgotten about them…