Google Doodle has a mini-game for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary!

You guys!!! It’s so much fun!!! So far it’s only up on Google New Zealand, but I’m assuming it will eventually be on all Googles:

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Wait that’s today?!


The 23rd is the official anniversary. So from where I am, it’s not until Saturday, but we don’t have cable anyway, so we won’t see it until it comes out on DVD the 23rd.

But that is one cool google doodle.

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The new episode is coming out on the 23rd, right? That’s what you guys mean?

This game is sweet though! Thanks for the link.

Why the FECK aren’t you all fecking commenting MORE on the 50th fecking anniversay? Feck me, what a fecking shambles.

(oh please please please be like that!)

Haha. It’s not here yet, in America! I’ll be watching Dr. Who tomorrow though.

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Us too, we don’t get it till tomorrow lunch!

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Ok… I think you folks in GMT are five hours ahead of me, here in EST. So if you get the new episode at lunchtime, let’s say, noon, it’ll probably be find-able online by 1:00 PM, so I’ll be able to get it by 8:00 AM, four hours before you got it in the first place…

How’s my math?

Thanks for the heads-up.

Your math is probably ok, but my timing was off. 19:50 terrestrial screening here in London. Don’t quite know what the online time is!

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We will be waiting for the DVD, since we got rid of cable… They are showing it in a theatre, but not anywhere near us. So… no spoilers from any of you fine folks.

I am so excited, though. They’ve already managed to sneak in no. 8, and apparently Tom Baker is involved somehow. They just flat out lied about lots of things it seems. I wonder who else will just happen to wander in?

Anyone see the bio-pic, An Adventure in time and Space–they gave it a good review at io9.


There was a great show of “Graham Norton” - very chatty late-night show here in the UK - yesterday, with Matt Smith and David Tennant. Every time anyone tried to ask about plot details, they either clammed up hilariously or punished them.

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I’ll have to look that up.

Also, I love Graham Norton so much - it’s pretty much the best talk show since early Letterman – though Craig Ferguson comes really close–his Doctor Who song was so great:

And then there was this, which Neil Gaiman on the piano back there is pretty much the best (and I want to steal Stephen Merritt’s ukulele, btw):

When they tried to do the Norton show here, no one got it. We watched the first episode of the American version which had Chris Rock, and bless his heart, the poor guy just seemed confused about what was going on.

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