GOP Congressman's wife got texts warning him to vote for Jim Jordan or else ...

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Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.


“How did these leopards show up in my life?”, asks puzzled wife of GOP Representative.


“Fuck democracy, obey or we will destroy you,” is really on-brand for these people.


Am I the only one who sees the big X in the Northeast corner of a Twitter link, and wants to click on it to make the rectangle go away?


you aren’t kidding:

“He’s lost support because of this,” said another House Republican who was granted anonymity to discuss internal conversations, pointing to a barrage of complaints from GOP lawmakers about Jordan allies’ tactics. “Constant smears — it’s just dishonesty at its core.”

how can they not realize, from abortion is murder to global warming, to trickle down economics and “socialism!”, to ■■■■■ won and bathroom bills - this is their party, and it has been for a long, long time

( also: how can a text be anonymous? give us the phone numbers and crowd source please )


I find it hilarious that they are whining that her husband is “causing chaos” by simply not voting for a manifestly unfit asshole. Neatly ignoring that fact that this whole thing was caused by the ego of another manifestly unfit asshole.


Republican politician: How can this be happening? We’re better than this.

Narrator: They were not, and he knew it.


Mar a Lago: (Phone rings) “Secret Service, how can I help you? Yeah, no, he asked if he could borrow this phone again.”


Will people start learning that the MAGA republicans need to be opposed? Or is it going to take a member of congress getting killed by the MAGA faithful to finally make them wake up…


I’m pretty sure if/when a Maga kills a Republican, it will be a “lone wolf” and they’ll ignore it, if not actively blame the Democrats. After all, people were chanting to murder the Vice President, and basically no republican, even the Vice President, cares.


100%!! Major branding fail. What a shock…


A member? More than that.

See Scalise and being shot and still doesn’t support gun control.


It’s kind of surprising that the Republican Party is still a party.


Of course THEY will try that, but I think there will be some who are angry enough about it to start speaking out against the MAGA wing. If people are to be believed, there is a ton of behind the scenes rumblings about them already.

I’m sure Pence does care, but he’s still chasing their votes right now. It’s far easier to brush off threats, especially after time has passed and the threat is no longer imminent. An actually death at the hands of a MAGA faithful might move the needle.

You could be right, of course, but I’m also not going to give the fuck up like some have. We keep fighting this until it’s no longer a threat, because we have no choice.

That was not by a MAGA aligned person, so it’s again, easier to brush off.


Deep state at work!

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I’m guessing someone signed up for a trial with an SMS gateway like Twilio using fake or stolen credentials.


It’s the same way that SMS spam works: Jerks send anonymous emails to [number] @ {smsgateway} or they use a trial account on a commercial gateway and send stuff until someone notices that they are violating the T&Cs and terminates their account with prejudice.

There are mechanisms at the carrier level to trace the messages back to their origin point, but it takes time and half the time you either need a warrant for an official investigation (which, let’s face it- those can be considered threats and acted upon as such!) or you have to contact the appropriate people at the carrier, who are not normally part of the customer service chain, who will mostly try and sell you their (useless) security apps for your device instead of redirecting the issue to the safety and security team (or the abuse team, depending on who the carrier is.)

The one good thing about the iphone’s message app is that it has those built-in reporting hooks; One might hope that the android ecosystem has something similar.


I’m not SMS savvy in the least, but it occurs to me that:

“Who is this???” she responded.

was a mistake? Would block do anything in this instance? How about just ignoring the message? :thinking:

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Assholes; all the way down.

Even if I was going to vote for you - that would change my mind.