GOP Rep. Boebert brags about funding she voted against

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Salazar lost all credibility when she referred to her staff. SHE is the representative, not the staff.


The republicans, especially the far right republicans do this shit ALL the time… someone posted a story recently about MTG doing just exactly this, claiming credit for legislation she voted against… At the end of the day, these obstructionist fuckers understand that at the end of the day, they need to deliver for their constituents, even the far right ones that got them in office.


This is typical for the GOP now, because the MAGAts can’t do anything else. They’re fundamentally undemocratic, they won’t compromise and reflexively reject anything that the Democrats support, and funding covers multiple areas. So they’ll always vote against it. (And many of the GQP reps are so dumb, lazy and performative that they couldn’t be bothered to put together any earmarks for their constituents anyways.) But they also can’t acknowledge that they never do anything for their constituents, so…


Getting in before any fellow BoingBoingers claim that the Federal authorities should have been vindictive and held back the money to punish Boebert.
The good people of Nevada deserved that water, and while yes, too many of them are idiots who voted for a MAGA rep, plenty of others didn’t. And then there are the children who didn’t vote at all. The water investment is ultimately for their future.
To favour regions governed by “our” people and withholding funding from regions dominated/governed by the “other” people is Clientelism and is often cited as a key factor why some countries remain perennially poor and chaotic.
Biden did the correct thing when he showed compassion to Boebert’s constituents, invested in the longer term prospects for her district and then called her out on her lie with a smile on his face.


But if they didn’t oppose the bill the ‘Other’ side wouldn’t vote for it and it wouldn’t get passed. /S

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