GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker promises to bring the economy down

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Herschel should’ve listened to Mark Twain: “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt.”


I’ll admit that if anyone is capable of crashing the economy after gaining a position of power it’s Walker.


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Boy, it looks like future US elections are going to make fun reality TV. If you’re not actually living in the US, that is.

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You do know that real people are being hurt by these assholes, right? That the former administration through their cruelty and incompetence killed a million people during the pandemic (because they believed it was going to only hit blue areas)? That they have now destroyed women’s rights in much of the country? That everyone who isn’t one of them is now at risk for political violence? That they are STILL trying to tear this country apart just to “own the libs”? And that if a fascist regimes gets in power again and brings their Christian dominionist plan to fruition, that means that a fascist government has the biggest nuclear arsenal in history?

But sure… a real fucking riot. After all, we deserve whatever we get for the crime of not being able to control where we were born, right?


Newsflash, glib comrade:


You forgot the “/s.”


Ironic he could do that best by giving up the campaign.



Perhaps Herschel Walker thinks that “economy” means “cost of living”, because it makes sense if you replace the former with the latter.


That’s correct. Jokes aside, the issue here is that a candidate for the Senate – one with the full and enthusiastic support of a duopoly party – is incapable of articulating a simple concept.

That’s in addition to a whole bunch of other extremely troubling issues Walker has. I hope a majority of Georgia voters again show the good sense they did in placing Warnock into office and supporting Abrams’ GOTV effort.


That’s five syllables. Waaaaaay too many for some of these fuckwits.

But that’s the trouble with dumbing down (which has been going on for decades) - they now can’t articulate anything beyond simplistic lies themselves, which is fine for them as long as they manage to ‘articulate’ even simpler concepts in terms that those who also can’t articulate very well can readily grasp…

  • Elections stolen
  • Socialism
  • No abortion
  • Lower taxes

Yeah, we need more articulation and more education to enable it. It will take decades to raise the standard of education generally so that even simple political concepts can be understood again for what they actually are, rather than what the sloganeering fuckwits portray them as.



Add in “no gun control” and “own the libs” to that list and you basically have the entire American right-wing repertoire.


All we (the rest of the world) can do is find what solace we can that we are not there with you. Everyone deals with this differently and I would say that many here deal with stress through humour.

The US of today has fallen far in the last 15 years and I personally think we are seeing the end of an era and the end of an empire. There are opportunities for others to fill the vacuum of world leadership but the only one who can clean up your backyard is you. You are the only ones who can arrest the fall.

You have our empathy and our support.


That tracks. It’s right up there with “I didn’t do a bad thing, I’m just incompetent” defense that they seem to enjoy.

I still haven’t figured out how incompetent is better. Even worse, the other party seems incapable of campaigning on this. You would think the ads write themselves “My opponent says he’s incompetent, vote for me.” and “My opponent is to incompetent to realize he’s doing harm”.


Because claiming competence is elitist, and we can’t have that!


What do you mean “future” elections? The 2016 election concluded with a literal reality TV show host taking control of the White House.

News flash: it wasn’t fun.


The long-term problem for Dems though is no matter how stupid these people are, they are messaging much better to the general population. The overall narrative here is “your life sucks and I want to make it better”. You look at the Dem establishment candidate and they say, “Economy is great under Biden, it’s all peaches!” Then you look at your crappy pay, crappy and expensive apt, and your bleak future. Which one of those narratives is going to get your vote? It doesn’t matter how smart the Dem is in this scenario, their narrative just plain sucks IMHO.