Herschel Walker's Republican son mocks the GOP for stupidly losing the Senate (video)

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I almost pity that deeply misguided, self-hating asshole.



Cognitive dissonance on parade. He doesn’t know who to be angry at, so he’s angry at everyone.


Christian Walker is a genuinely terrible person.


I suspect this is mostly a game to him. Notice he didn’t talk about how this will affect the economy or foreign policy or the people. It was all framed as “we lost”. He might as well have been talking about a football game. He sounds exactly like college football fans talking about their coach after a 5 game losing streak.


That seems to be the case with all the MAGAs, whether they consciously admit it or not. They are completely disconnected from what government and representatives are for. They don’t discuss policies, or governance, or what is good for people or the country; it is just about wanting their team to win, like it’s a game. And cheating at the game is fine if you don’t get caught, as long as you win.


Considering who his father is, that’s not very surprising.

Such is the case for many people of privilege.

What he fails to realize is that even as ‘fair skinned’ as he is, even blue as those eyes are, he’s still Black, and once his usefulness to the bigoted fascists ends, they will turn on him.

Maybe then it will sink in that this is no game, but by then it will be too late.


He must have gotten his looks from his mom, and his brains from his dad.

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I keep thinking about how, now that the Dems have the Senate, a vote for Walker essentially means giving up having any sort of representation (via that senate seat, anyways). People focus on just the control of the senate, and whether a vote would be “wasted,” but with Walker, it would be absolutely true on the purely state level.

Everyone knows Walker is an incompetent idiot - the appeal was that he would vote on party lines to advance the Republican agenda. But that won’t happen - the Republicans aren’t going to get any legislation passed that doesn’t have bipartisan support (something they seem actively against, these days). A competent senator would write and/or push legislation that would be tailored to benefit the citizens of that state, they might be on committees, etc. But Walker just isn’t remotely capable of that and everyone knows it. Warnock would do those things, and therefore bring benefits even for people who didn’t vote for him. Walker would just be an empty seat, doing literally nothing but constantly embarrassing everyone who voted for him, unable to advocate for the citizens of his state in any way.

I have to hope that some recognition of that fact will decrease Republican desire to vote for the guy.


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