Herschel Walker's son goes on angry rant against the GQP candidate after abortion news (video)

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Like father like son. Christian’s the “influencer” who sleeps with men - but isn’t gay.


Oh doggy, going to be a bit of tension around the Thanksgiving day table this year.


The GOP loves kids
like cable monopolies love customers:
The more the better.
Lock them in for life.
Minimize provided support.


Although Christian’s angry rant against Herschel would seemingly put a dent in his father’s “family values” political campaign, this is the Republican party we’re talking about

Awhile back, I read a seriously insightful comment on Reddit that explained this attitude perfectly.

From https://www.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/vmm7xb/this_is_how_it_always_happens/ie1xnhg/

They do not, by and large, judge morality by actions, they judge morality by people. “Good people” do good things, or they do bad things with good intentions, or you need to understand their situation, or something like that. You can tell people are good, in this worldview, because they check the right boxes: they’re white, they attend church (and it has to be the right church), or at least pretend to, they’re straight, they’re married, they have kids, they vote Repub, they’re not trans or anything else that deviates at all from what they consider ok.

Anyone who does not check all those boxes is viewed with suspicion. They might get tolerated - even celebrated - if they 100% reinforce that Southern worldview. That’s why you’ll see people like Candace Owens included sometimes. These people can be their one black or gay or whatever friend because they acknowledge their own subservience. But the second any of those people step out of line they’re considered disposible.

But the “good people?” They can do nearly anything, and it will get forgiven, because they’ve already been judged as good. It’s one of the reason these people are so incredibly susceptible to con artists: as long as you know what to say to them, they’ll trust you with anything. Meanwhile, anyone who’s Black, gay, non-Christian, or anything else that keeps them off the “good” list, even if they’re a living saint, will be treated like the antichrist if they say or do anything that rejects the Southern worldview.

There’s also a weird, very-unbiblical sense of “God’s reward on Earth” thinking that permeates their worldview and encourages them to ignore injustice. To these people, thanks to God, Life is Fair (which is a conservative view in general, but economic conservatives tend to credit market forces). Poor people are poor because they deserve to be. Rich people are rich because they deserve to be. It’s a slap in the face to everything Jesus ever said about wealth, but it’s how they think.


Generally, this is a pretty good encapsulation of the mindet… however…

More of this shit. As if the Civil rights movement wasn’t in large part a southern movement, or that this backwards bigoted thinking ONLY happens in the south… I’m really done with letting the right wing control definitions of what is what, which is precisely what this kind of thing is. It’s like letting them dictate issues like gender identity or sexual orientation. I wish others would also reject their definitions for things like what’s “southern” or “christian” in the same way that we do for things like gender identity or sexual orientation. Their entire worldview is bigoted, blinkered, and lacking in basic humanity. Why let them dictate on ANYTHING?



Whatever kills Walker’s chances of getting into office is fine by me, but nevertheless; his son is also a self-hating token, and HE’S NO ALLY OF MINE.


For now, Herschel and Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock are neck and neck, with Warnock leading by just two points

After all we’ve discovered about Walker during the campaign – the hypocrisy, the pathological lying, the bizarre delusions, the possibility of CTE – it’s a testament to the complete depravity of GOP voters in Georgia that the race for the office of Senator is still so close.


I think the preferred term-du-jour is “MSM” now? “Gay” is just so boomer.

I’d like it if we could remember that Christian Walker is a terrifically terrible person, and hopefully, we don’t have to put him on a pedestal like all the other awful Republicans who (briefly) develop a rudimentary moral compass.


It depends on your community. Some say same gender loving. I would also suggest that it’s not just one age group that uses gay. Even if it were - why would using it be problematic?


I have several gay friends who refer to themselves as gay… they aren’t boomers.


Thank you for, once again, writing this. Might you consider making this into a copypasta, considering how often it has to be repeated here? /s


cf. the second paragraph of something I posted here a while back about teaching history to university students, and getting to the part about the Reformation:

I write on the chalkboard “Justification by Faith,” and “Justification by Works.” Then I ask the class: “Do you have to do good works to get into heaven?” and most of the class says “yes.” Then, “Well, isn’t faith alone enough to do it?” Again, the class says “yes.” So we discuss. They settle on “You have to go to church, and you have to contribute to charity, and you have to have a pastor who knows a lot about the Bible, and you have to follow all the rules of the Church.” But, then, they also say “Well, accepting Jesus is all you need.” So, I ask, “If you accept Jesus but then go out an murder people and fornicate and steal, is it all good?” “Yes, because Jesus will forgive you.”

Your point about “They can do nearly anything, and it will get forgiven,” is spot-on because it’s how they’ve been taught to approach their own version of Christianity. They’ve accepted Jesus–everything else is a footnote. They see their own cultural interactions the same way, except in this case there’s the “other” to deal with. Their own people will forgive them, and be forgiven by them. But the “other” has to tread a much finer line, because they haven’t expereinced the true “grace” of being on the inside.


Oh god… then people would have a reason to flag it! :smile:

It’s the logical extension of Calvinism, isn’t it?


Seriously, it might be time for someone to make a catch-all topic (similar to “Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant” or “Think of the Karens”) to deal with this particular tiresome anti-pattern. Suggestions that the country be pre-emptively “split up” by parties unnamed might also be dumped there as well.


Christian Walker is a hot mess of a human being in his own right but he’s not wrong about his father.

If you identify as a conservative Christian then Walker is a terrible candidate. He’s an abuser, a serial philanderer, an absentee father, a bald-faced liar and a hundred other terrible things. If you think abortion is murder, how could you bring yourself to vote for an unrepentant murderer?


“Racism and Discrimination Aren’t Regional Phenomenon: Discuss”


Predestination, you mean?


The most surprising thing here: Herschel Walker’s son outs himself as being Herschel Walker’s son.