Herschel Walker's son goes on angry rant against the GQP candidate after abortion news (video)

The big difference being that original Calvinists believed that most everyone was going to hell, regardless of their “acceptance” of Jesus Christ. That whole “total depravity” thing, and especially the covenant theology seems to escape an application to their own behavior.


How many more of them are out there is the real question.


No, no, no, no. If indeed it happened, the abortion simply tells us that the woman is the problem. The man? ha!


Can we please not?

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It ain’t a Sothern thing. Really.


For those, like me, who jumped on the “100% south” thing, it probably helps to click through and read the Reddit thread. It was very specifically about evangelicals and abortion in the US South. It wasn’t a general thread about racism and hypocrisy that painted it as a southern thing.

In that context, the quote makes more sense.


“We don’t know the full story.” /s


This is really the key here- MAGAs/Republicans pick a person to be “their guy” in a given race or office or whatever, and from then on it doesn’t matter what they do or have done.

What’s weird to me is how arbitrary these selections are. It’s not like Walker being a piece of shit is news. All his wives and kids he’s barely met are out there, not hiding. Same for most of the other candidates who get anointed as “this is the one”. They don’t seem to care who the person is or what they’ve done, they just pick someone. Once that selection is made, that person is Good and nothing else matters. All force of the GQP is behind them from then on, no matter what.


If you’ve already gone full “Drag Shows are more dangerous than guns” your logic has become truly impenetrable from outside the tribe. And I’d guess from inside too. It’s exhausting trying to imagine the shape and form of epistemology inside political parties. They truly are some non-euclidean wonder / eldritch horror.


That often does seem true, but Georgia Republicans are big on football, which gives “football legend” Walker a lot of name recognition.


That’s an interesting point. So maybe there is some criteria for each selection, it’s just hard to discern from the outside. The extent to which they will commit to backing a person they chose based on trivial properties is so strange, though. Referring back to the Reddit post above, I can’t fathom judging people by anything other than their actions. How else do you know who someone is?

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To be fair, even those Christians aren’t confined to the south. And I find it disingenuous to say that it’s a byproduct of being southern, when there is also a long history of resistance from religious groups in the south.

Maybe, and I agree the larger context is great. I just think that given that there are very much people looking to split the country and leave those of us who live here who aren’t fascists to out fate, we need to remind people that this isn’t a majority of southerners, nor the dominant culture here.

And even that is not confined to conservatives. Plenty of liberals and progressives who support their local sportsball team. I just think that liberals would be far less likely to support a candidate just because they palyed on their favorite sportsball team.


Yep, that’s a finer grained assertion with which I certainly agree.


…and if we count any other unadmitted abortions out there…


Now I’m imagining whether my vote would be swayed if my favorite actual-play RPG dungeon master were to run for office…


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