GOP set up Twitter "numbers stations" to get around Super PAC rules


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Some Democrat just said “Wow! That’s a great idea. We’re gonna do that!”

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It would seem to me that publicly sharing this information on Twitter is perfectly permissable but that it becomes coordination as soon as someone from the campaign tells someone at the PAC about it. Given that both the names and content of these Twitter accounts were purposely obscured, as opposed to the data being clearly published in the New York Times under some sensible headline, any use of this data by the PAC would be strong evidence of cooridanation and a violation of the FEC rules.


Not that I would equate campaign finance laws/rules with censorship, but it seems to me that this is just a way to “route around the damage”…


I know how I want the court to rule on this.

I also know how I expect the court to rule.


Are you a masochist?

This article is about the Republicans, not the Dems.


A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised when things don’t go the way they expect, whereas an optimist can only be disappointed when their predictions prove flawed. :stuck_out_tongue:


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You seem confused.

Subway pass in NYC is over $100 because of the State Legislature’s refusal to properly fund the MTA. This is driven primarily by upstate republicans (although useless upstate democrats play a part too).

I call bullshit on your car insurance at $25 a month in NYC, as average costs just for liability are closer to $100/month even in outer boroughs. But maybe, in fairness, you have a great deal - or you register your car in NC or FL like so many other people in my area do.

If you think Obama or the government have anything at all to do with the cost of your health insurance you really need to read more.

All I can say is that if the democrats in NY or anywhere in the US are socialists, they are the worst socialists in history. Or maybe you just don’t know what the word socialist means. Hint, it does not mean “people I disagree with”.


I’m bound by hilarity to laugh at the notion that free health care and education are evil. You’re funny. I like you.


The Democrats do seem to fit Marx’s definition of Bourgeois Socialism. He thought it was something to be avoided though.

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Why do the anti-immigrant people always use these dehumanizing slurs?

Why do so many other people refuse to take sides and refuse to call out these dehumanizing slurs? If it is normal to use dehumanizing slurs, and it is normal to regard some people as less-than-people, it enables violence, racist policies, and exterminationist policies. Why don’t more people call this out?


Because “humanity” is a myth- a myth perpetuated by “cultural marxists”. We are not human. Instead, we are either members of the master race, or of debased shadows of it.


If politicians had to show a government ID when checking their twitter feeds, we wouldn’t have this sort of fraud… wait. No. It’s something about a wall to keep out the twitters?

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I think that’s pretty damning.

The activity may or may not have been legal, and the FEC almost certainly will fail to act even if it was very much illegal.

But someone at the NRCC knew exactly what had been discovered, and took damage control steps immediately.


Luckily, members of both parties have made very sure that “deleted” information remains very much accessible to the government, when needed. Unfortunately no one will bother.