GOP staffer who said Obama girls lacked class was arrested as a teen


Not saying I didn’t do things that could have gotten me dragged home by the police, just that I was very certain to never be caught. :wink:


And you’re “doing a good job showing yourself to be no better than” BoingBoing,
and I’m “doing a good job showing myself to be no better than” you.

Where does it stop? Oh, the agony!

But to be serious, she took a cheap shot at the children of the First Family; when you are in politics, there are likely to be repercussions for such things.


Looks like she didn’t heed the immortal words of Jeff Tweedy:

but I’m not
gonna get caught
calling a
pot kettle black

Hope all that praying she did was over John 8:7.


Fauxpology: “I wanted to take a moment and apologize for a post I made on Facebook earlier today judging Sasha and Malia Obama at the annual White House turkey pardoning ceremony…”

Apology: “I apologize to you, Sasha and Malia Obama, for the post I made on Facebook earlier today shaming you for the clothes you wore at the annual White House turkey pardoning ceremony…”


Excessive recursion leads to stack overflow


Personally I think that’s too fine a point to make an apology “not count.” It would be good if she could acknowledge the particular people she had slandered. It would also be good if she tried to undo the damage, by highlighting the girls’ many good qualities. But still, she did a lot better than the traditional no-pology, that says in effect, “I guess I have to say I’m sorry, but I’m really still right.”


First-time underage shoplifters are rarely prosecuted. If the charges were unfounded, you might expect someone who’d been through that to have a little more empathy and not try to publicly humiliate other people who are, in fact, minors themselves.


Typical thug.


Pfft… I know a guy who went to high school with Mark Knopfler, and he says Knopfler was a notorious jaywalker during his teen years.

True story.

No it wasn’t. After many seconds of deep prayer and flagellation, I regret if my statement was somehow misinterpreted so as to be offensive to Mark Knopfler, his family, or other hyper-sensitive types, which was not my intent when stating this absolutely true fact.


I think the apology should be made to the person who was insulted.


Did you watch the video? Start at 32 seconds in:

Pointing out obvious hypocrisy is not a fallacious argument since Elizabeth Lauten’s youthful conduct speaks directly to her inability to judge the Obama girls’ classiness.


You should probably introduce yourself to the concept of Ad Hominem while you’re with it, because it has nothing to do with this particular scenario.

It is not a logical fallacy to attempt (successfully or not) to humble a person who sanctimoniously chastised the character of adolescents for being adolescents.

It’s not the most effective tool, and a bit of a nuclear option, but it’s certainly not a logical fallacy when used in this manner.

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I’d say run your blog your way, and in the meantime ask for double your money back.


The typical routine is to suspend the charges until an agreed compensation and community service is completed, then dismiss them.

At least that’s the routine for the children of white republicans in Tennessee.


Let’s be fair. I mean, Belk is pretty classy. In a declasse’ sort of way.

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So . . . she criticized the Obama girls for looking bored at a “turkey pardoning”?

I would be bored too, and I’m not even a teenager.


Hey Liz, how are those half-dozen new arseholes working out for ya?


Good point Mark. But lots of people were insulted besides Sasha and Malia. Everyone who dresses like Sasha and Malia did has a decent claim to having been insulted.

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Not me, I was too scared of being caught. Heck, I don’t even like to wear new clothes to the store I bought them at, in case they think I’ve pinched them.

All my friends were huge shoplifters of makeup, though. I don’t think any of them ever got caught.

Because that hits both the Monica Lewinski and Michael Brown buttons simultaneously?

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