Gorgeous lamps made of repurposed corrugated cardboard


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/13/gorgeous-lamps-made-of-repurpo.html


how do they weatherproof these? they don’t appear to be all indoor lighting…


WTF… my Glowforge gets a hotflash all of a sudden… I’ll be damned if those WasteManagement goons get their grubby hands on my Amazon box stash!


These are delightful, I love seeing creative uses of paper fibers, and fiber arts in general.


Our products are only appropriate for indoor lightings, we do not only make lamps but also different types of furniture, which we ourself using from 5 years.


Thank you so much that you loved our work. More to come soon


thank you for the reply – i LOVE THEM. <3


Any ideas on weatherizing cardboard? Asking for a friend.
Best non-toxic thing we’ve come up with thus far is wax. Maybe a natural shellac?


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