Gorgeous low-profile miniature mechanical Planck keyboard


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/15/gorgeous-low-profile-miniature.html


Wow, I bet that would cut my typing speed in half.


I guess people who type on these don’t need to do any actual work.


Ortholinear abomination.

If I trained myself to type on one of those I would definitely need a carrying case because I wouldn’t be able to type on anything else. Moving from my mechanical at home to my crappy pack-in membrane one a work is bad enough.


Number keys are overrated anyways. Sitting there at the top of the letters all like “You need me for math and dates and stuff!”. Hah. One plus one equals who needs you bitches. Eight o’clock, December fifteenth, two thousand seventeen, the day I realized numbers were just wasting two centimeters of my precious desk space.


The unlabeled key to the left of the return/spacebar puts the keyboard in numeric mode.


The unlabelled key to the right of the return/spacebar puts the keyboard into hyperspace.


Thank goodness they didn’t label it. Wouldn’t want a thief or intruder to type numbers.


Just looking at that keyboard makes my wrists hurt. It’s like someone said “Normal keyboards are horrible from an ergo standpoint. But how can we really torture our users? How bad can we make it?”


If I was making a 70s sci-fi movie, this is the keyboard I would use in the control room.


And seeing how the keys don’t tell you which number is which, you can have a built-in minigame where you find where they are! As a bonus, maybe there’s a feature where the position of the numbers is randomized each time the computer is restarted for infinite replayability!


Needs an “AGARIC FLY” key, though.


Only half?


Maybe you haven’t realized it but Planck keyboards are designed for a specific kind of touch typing weirdo. Half the time they aren’t labeled at all since holding down a function key will bring up a different input layer. These people know all the commands for VI or Emacs by muscle memory and would have thrown out the keyboard overlays that came with software in the 80s. In short this keyboard is not for you. It’s not for me either, but I’m the guy who gets mad when he sees a tenkeyless desktop keyboard.


I hardly use the side keys but i cannot stand having the ones without them. Drives me bonkers.


I use Excel a lot at work. Can’t imagine not having them. (I mean, I don’t have them on my laptop but I also avoid spreadsheets there)


I use it a lot at work of course, at home i typically use them for browsing sometimes.


Never understood ‘plank’ style keyboards. That just plain looks painful to type on. However if it wors for you, then more power. You found something that works.


I also think they’re kind of crazy but then again I’m not the kind of person to change keybindings or learn what all the f-keys do for everything. To each their own.


It’s beautiful. Will it mind when I eat ramen?