Gorgeous map of ten of the world's shortest borders


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Was expecting something that reflected the world’s smallest countries, but this is surprising.


Historically a busy crossing point, the border section was first defined in 2010 as preparations for a $260M bridge connecting Botswana and Zambia

Some see a border as an opportunity to build a bridge between nations. Others see it as an opportunity to build a wall.


I’m pretty good with weird geography, but I had no idea how nuts the Belgium-Germany border really is.



If you’re into complicated borders, third-order India-Bangladesh enclaves will make your day.


The Belgian-German-Dutch border (formerly the Belgian-German-Dutch-Moresnet border), you mean.

It’s not as nuts as the Indian-Bangladeshi border was until a few years ago.


Since you go by “the_borderer,” I feel a little bit bad about beating you to it…


“User Name Checks Out” as they say on the Reddits.


If that damn lighthouse hadn’t been built in the wrong place Market Island would’ve been at No. 2!

I’m glad they sorted it out the civilised way instead of going to war over an almost worthless scrap of rock


The history of it is interesting. They ended up doing a territory-neutral adjustment, but kept the shoreline boundaries the same so as not to have an effect on any fishing rights.


The german-swiss border has similar quirks.


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