GoT finale alternate endings [spoilers]

I will start with a few options. Would love to hear more, either serious or silly:

  • Jon’s dagger was dragonglass. Final scene saw Dany north of the wall, with glowing blue eyes.
  • Jon and Tormund hook up.
  • The choosing of a king is broken up by Neo and Morpheus showing up.

Tyrion kills Daenerys. Grey Worm kills Tyrion. Jamie (survived) kills Grey Worm. Brienne kills Jamie. Bron kills Brienne. Jon kills Bron.

ARYA kills Jon for enabling the entire disaster via the emotional maturity of a Dothraki Blood Rider.

Arya confronts Drogon, declaring him a slave no more to the whims of mortal kind. Drogon melts the throne and bails to Volantis.


Option three.

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MORPHEUS: And what do we say to the God of Death?

NEO: Whoa.


There were ofc some lovely little moments and some nice endings for some characters. I think the thing that would have made me ignore all the terrible shite that was season 7 & 8 would have been this…

  • end credits roll
  • fade to black with sound of footsteps in the snow
  • white screen of Jon Snow and Ghost - Jon’s face looks twisted with a WTF look
  • camera pans back to reveal a White Walker symbol made from fresh limbs and blood

There’s an ending scene I hope for at the end of any medievalish-fantasy story like this:

A blacksmith calls their apprentice to urgently attend. Beside him, spinning and steaming, is a device resembling an aeolipile. “That’s fantastic,” the apprentice says, but after a pause, “but what’s it good for?”

“Well…” the smith says. “Let me show you…”

Fade to black.

Here’s how it should go:

(Do click!!)

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