Graffiti Hunters


Round where I live graffiti is encouraged, so you don’t have to look far to find it, but I do enjoy spotting a really good piece in some out of the way corner where no-one else will look.
It’s not really graffiti but I pass this goose with two heads quite often, but I don’t think many people ever look to see it:,-2.597054&spn=0.000013,0.008615&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=51.461936,-2.597157&panoid=liIoKnP7LUI0M2q5Nuj-8A&cbp=12,189.34,,2,-30.38

people are getting fame for taking pictures of graffiti now? I guess there’s precedent for that because of Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper, but man am i glad I was writing graf before the internet was a thing. It’s like dancing about architecture, the medium itself is no longer the message unless it’s augmented with a fucking flikr or an instagram or you go on 12ozProphets or whatever flies their skirt up these days.

Big up to Nev, though, that made me smile.

Today’s graffiti Tomorrow’s Paleolithic wonder.

Nice read. Never knew about GATS. I have stumbled across graffiti artist in ‘wild urban’ settings. It’s kind of neat seeing them stop too evaluate my presents till they realize there is no threat.

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