Grandparents accidentally tagging themselves Grandmaster Flash on Facebook




That would make me furious x 5.


WTF: Grandparent’s Day is designated by God?


I was in a tiny nightclub in New York, back in the Triassic, when Flash walked in and just took over the turntables. What an amazing show.


She went to the city and got social security.
She had to get a pension, she couldn’t make it on her own.


FB’s tagging autocomplete has cost me far more time than it’s saved due to having to undo it’s guesses.


I believe it is intentional. The Golden Aged are just showing love for the Hip Hop Golden Age.


didn’t you know? It is right in-between stone your neighbor and sell your daughter days. :slight_smile:


So it works as good as autocorrect then? :slight_smile:


i think that by “reading my Bible” she meant “watching the 700 Club”.


My mother is known as ‘Grandma Flash’ to all her grandchildren, as she has a dog called ‘Flash’.


[extreme jealousy]

@Beanolini: was your grandma married to Rosco P. Coltrane?


Don’t push Meemaw, coz she’s close to the edge.


Now you mention it… no.

I had no idea his dog was called Flash, I’ll have to tell her.


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