Neo-Nazis make a Chrome extension that alerts you to potential Jewish names


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Jesus my brain hurts when I read about those assholes.


(((Jesus))) was Jewish you know.


You caught that, the force is strong in you.


Nice to see paredolia still going strong after 3.5bn years.

BTW is it wrong to want to get ‘Trump’, ‘Rand’, ‘Bush’ et al on the crowd sourced list just for shits & giggles?


also uses a crowdsourced list of known Jews

Sounds ripe for a few choice additions.


Because that’s what you get when you shits & giggles.


Is the guy running at the camera with the saxophone a (((Jew))),or trying to save it from all the (((Jew)))s running around him?


Calling Anonymous. Calling Anonymous. There is a mission only you can undertake: hack this app and expand the list to include prominent Nazis, black helicopters, chemtrails, and the Reptilians. Oh, and daffodils. Those Jewy Jewy daffodils!


It’s a little of both, in my Universe.


yup! just add every name ever problem solved!


Oh well, THAT isn’t ripe for abuse or anything. HAHAHHAAAA.


Wait, is it (((Jesus))) or



So the extension detects German compound nouns?


If you want to generate subtle false positives, just submit German names. For some reason just about every unanglicized German name looks Jewish in America.



There’s no need. Back when I was debunking North American Union and Amero conspiracy theories on Digg (before it was imploded five years ago) - using my same real name as here - I was quickly declared Jewish and getting my parking validated by Mossad.

They even declare Hitler to be Jewish, and the Holocaust to be a Jewish conspiracy.

You can be certain that Trump, Cruz, Hillary and just about everyone in the news will be declared Jewish by the neo-Nazis themselves.


Well, this Red Sea pedestrian is starting to feel a little nervous…


…this scares me, although the sarcastic part of my brain is wondering why they didn’t have the names surrounded by yellow Star Of Davids, instead of parentheticals.


If the UK is going to torpedo Europe’s peace project, why not have it coincide with a rise of anti-Semitism?