Grease - "You're The One That I Want" (Death Metal version)

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I’ll see your Death Metal Grease and raise you a Disney Slayer:

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And anyone who hasn’t heard Pauline Croze’s PJ-Harvey-with-voice-training-in-heat version is missing out.

Much better than the original version. The message behind this song is that you have to pretend to be someone that you’re not in order to get a man, and do that by dressing and acting like a tramp.

Guy does a lot of songs and generally has quality remixing.

Not a fan of screamo, but eeeh.

An oldie – Hungarian band Glow (barely metal)

I assume that performing these pop songs is their way of dealing with emotional conflict.

Uh, is that really the message of the song itself, or just the film it comes from? I just gave the lyrics a quick glance, and they seem to go no further than prescribing “shaping up.” One could argue that this is code for becoming a tramp, but regardless, this re-shaping only seems to be required of the man.

Well I guess it’s more from the film itself and the intro. Pop songs from musicals are made non-specific so that they have a long shelf life for years to come. But still, what a terrible message this scene sends!

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