Great audio/visual presentation of Billboard Top 10 songs from 1956 - 2016 (22,000 songs!)

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Dear Gawd! That is fucking frightening!!

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How is the Billboard Top 100 calculated? Singles sales? Radio airtime? The methodology can’t possibly be the same in 2016 as it was in 1950.

However it’s measured, it’s kind of dopey. If there’s one big Garth Brooks hit at the same time as three rap hits, he gets all the country “votes” while the possibly much larger contingent of rap fans split their “vote” between Eric B & Rakim, the Beastie Boys, and NWA, then Garth Brooks registers as “more popular than rap.” (N.b. TIL Garth Brooks has come out in support of gay rights! Country ain’t as backward as y’all ivry tower libruls think.)

Which leads me to wonder if the music business keeps track of competing releases like the film business does. If you know that Prince’s or Bowie’s posthumous basement tapes are due to drop in September, maybe you hold off on your own thing because you know that that month is owned by Prince or Bowie and you don’t want to be shaded.

The site doesn’t really seem to work very well.

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