Great deal on Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

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Remember to castrate Alexa when you set it up!


Isn’t there a kickstarter for a ‘parasite’ that sits on top of the Alexa speaker thing and feeds it a soothing diet of 100% white noise. Until you speak the parasite’s code phrase then it goes silent while you tell Alexa to order you more socks or whatever.

The renders looked nice and organic. Let me know when it is available in vomit green.


Headcrabs for your home snitching machine

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The microphone for the Fire TV Stick is in the remote control itself and is only active when you push the button to talk to it (not really necessary).

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I’d be tempted, except there’s that Amazon workers’ strike today, so buying anything is crossing that virtual picket line.


For the low, low price of: The Dignity of the Working Class.


An Amazon product, purchased from their site, during a strike seems like a great way to tell the workers how little we care.


It’s been noted by some folks that the entire point of the strike was to show Amazon how much they need their employees on one of their busiest days of the year, and how with a crippled workforce, the massive influx of orders won’t get shipped or processed, giving the strike a lot of weight and meaning.

A boycott of Amazon sort of defeats the purpose of the strike by diminishing its impact on Prime Day.

Every strike aims to show the value of the workforce, but pairing it with a financial hit increases the impact.A 1-2 day strike without a paired boycott just lets Amazon wait out the strike and deal with a small delay that they can iron out by increasing the workload over the next week.

Yes, that’s one theory.
Another would be that a 1-2 day strike with a useless inventory backlog would demonstrate the impact of the workforce far better than a 1-2 day strike with nothing for the employees to do anyway.

DON’T BE A SCAB. Jesus Mark, for all the Pro-Organized labor Anti-Surveillance state stuff you guys post here shilling a prime day sale of an Alexa enabled device comes off as horrifically hypocritical.

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If that’s true its only true until the next unannounced firmware patch when the TOS is updated to allow it to record whatever, whenever.

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Yes, it is true that it has a button, and yes, it is true that it must be pressed to activate Alexa.

Personally, I’m not going to worry about them updating the firmware until that actually happens; until then it’s simple paranoia.

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