Great Pyrenees are merely the 67th most popular dog breed says the AKC

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I want to know how much Big Pyrenees pays @jlw and if I can get in on it?


It is a co-brand with Big Bidet.


Heck, basset hounds only made 39 and I’ve never met a dog person who doesn’t love them.


They release these lists, but mutt is the number one breed.
Pittie mix has got to be the most common dog around.
We are up to our third. She kicks all the ass in the no aggression department, unless you happen to be a shoe or a nylon buckle.


Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog?


“Every dog is the best breed if you are the person who loves’em.”

So true. I love all dogs but my heart swells more for rescue or shelter dogs.


What about muts?

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Mutts are #1. Muts are #92.


however, at 3x the size and 22x the love of all other breeds, GPs are the second most popular dog, behind my dog. She’s awesome. (and has rear dew claws, so maybe she has a little GP in there)

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They should make a dog watering option. A little foot pedal for fresh, clean water.

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They’re good dogs Brent.


Nature at its finest.


My wife and I do at home dog boarding, and I have to agree that the pit mixes are consistently among the best dogs we see.

Note: I realize very recently I commented about not knowing how much labs love water. This is true. I don’t have a pool, and when I go to parks I don’t let our guest dogs off leash to swim.

I know I’ve forgotten to fill Nemo’s giant water bowl when I hear the toilet in the bathroom’s lid flop open and someone lapping away.


Mine love to run and those pics are typical of the majesty that is a Basset hound.

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I must live in an odd area.

Lots of pugs. Surprising number of Border collies. Not a huge number of bulldogs.

Lots of unidentifiable little yap-dogs.

Of course, I’m basing this on who shows up at the dog park, and who I see on the streets. Maybe bulldogs don’t do well in dog parks. (I did see one last year who collapsed, wheezing, on top of the ball he was trying to chase.)

As for rankings:

Surprised that German shepherds are as high as they are.

Really surprised that bulldogs are in the top 10. Fad dogs?

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