Great Pyrenees rescue needs your help!


It’s worth noting that if GPs aren’t your thing, there are rescue organizations for many breeds across several species.

And if you can’t pick a favorite, SPCAs and animal shelters are desperately in need of support these days – the economic downturn both increased the number of people surrendering animals and decreased their funding base. I doubled my yearly donation.

(Drifting offtopic a bit: I would, however, like to raise a red flag about ASPCA. First of all, they aren’t the national organization that their name might lead you to expect, just one of the most visible of many SPCAs. Secondly, they completely lost my respect when one of their publications suggested treating animals with homeopathic remedies – ie, with distilled water. I grant that there are times when what one really wants to “treat” is the oversensitivity of the pet owner and a placebo can be useful for that, but the placebo almost certainly doesn’t do the animal any good. Actively suggesting this, to my mind, crossed the line into veterinary malpractice, and was inexcusable for an organization with their stated missions. End rant.)

I love Great Pyrs. Mine is the sweetest.

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