Griping about moderation, bias, et cetera

original post flagged as ‘off topic’ again.

yet there are follow up posts talking about flatworms… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Which post is that? Do you mean the one where you essentially implied a happy mutant was involved in setting the Waymo on fire?
If so, I’d ask why you’re so attached to that post staying visible.
Would you be happier if it had been flagged “inappropriate” rather than “off topic?”
The flatworm digression is on-topic insofar as it’s become a discussion about whether “self-driving” vehicles are capable of reasoning or learning, and the flatworm analogy provided a useful (imo) basis for that conversation.


It’s just sooo beautiful that here we can go from self driving cars to flatworms!

LOVE this too much! More please.


Same here. It’s one of my favorite things about the conversations here, the wacky little side tunnels we end up on.
And, to the topic of this thread, I rarely see those interesting side tunnels get flagged unless they’re either offensive or are detracting from a very serious issue, like violence against vulnerable populations. Those get flagged or moved.


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We all agreed to the terms, some of which you did violate, which is why you were modded.

Abide or move on; those are your only real choices.


Still don’t understand why posting a breaking news story that was directly relevant to the discussion was marked ‘off topic’, especially when someone else posted the same exact link 2 hours later, and was not marked ‘off topic’. I don’t see how my link was violating some terms that made it ‘off topic’ while the other did not. It seems like arbitrary modding, and/or favoritism?

What don’t you get? It probably wasn’t the link, it was likely your comment on the link. I almost flagged it myself, but ultimately didn’t.

If you meant a /s and didn’t add it, there have been plenty of times where it has been mentioned that text is lousy for tone and you really should add it. Your question about word replacement has also been answered multiple times. All of this points to maybe you should lurk for some more time before commenting again.


It may be that only one of the flags thrown on your comment was “Off Topic”, and that was the one that Discourse showed you as the reason. I’m sure that some “Inappropriate” flags were applied too, and that there were enough flags thrown overall to hide the comment.

If the inappropriate mischaracterisation of the community hadn’t been present in your comment, your accusation of arbitrary modding or favouritism might make sense. In the end, your comment was hidden because the community found it inappropriate under the rules. If you want to keep beating this dead horse, focus on that.

Certain inflamatory and accusatory terms that are thrown around casually by new users are automatically re-written to avoid disruption of topics.


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That was the problem? A misinterpreted the tone? Well, that would have saved a lot of time.

People on that thread had been railing about how much they hated Waymo cars. It seemed timely and funny that one was lit on fire.

I added a /sarcasm to the post.

The mod himself has already weighed in on your claims of bias/favoritism.

Complaining endlessly about perceived ‘unfairness’ won’t change the terms.

It’s “funny” to imply that someone here committed a crime?

Odd sense of humor you’ve got there, comrade.


You only have two real choices.


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