Gross Pokémon snacks

Brian Ashcraft’s report at Kotaku begins with the sentence “In Japanese supermarkets, it’s not uncommon to see Pokémon branded food.” But the Pokémon-branded Nattou (納豆) is something else entirely. READ THE REST

That dude writes like a middle-school kid. Not trying to be a dick or anything, but I had to stop reading most Gawker media blogs because it seems like they’re intentionally dumbing down their writing. Lifehacker used to be so cool, too…

I’ve heard the Japanese are horrified that we eat food made from curdled milk, so maybe natto isn’t all that scary after all.

Just looks like an excuse to write about natto. Nothing is surprising at all about Pokemon branded natto that is packaged without mustard.

  1. natto is a breakfast food for all ages. Is it weird that we have cartoon characters on cereal boxes?
  2. kids typically don’t like hot english mustard which is what natto is packaged with

Natto is awesome though… good by itself (though really needs the mustard) and also can be dumped into noodles or soup for added flavour/protein.

PS: if you’re gonna try it most asian grocers carry it and this brand is good:

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