Grubby the opossum is on the loose in Homer, Alaska

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Seems likely someone will offer to get the beast back to the outside. Homer is a pretty small community, even if it did have two! stop lights last I was there.


I feel like if opossums could flourish/thrive in Alaska they’d be there already, no? I mean is there some natural barrier that has kept them from migrating/expanding that far north?


I don’t know, but if I see an opossum, I’ll ask 'er.


Why can’t they just ship Grubby back to where she came from (if they find her)?


Maybe someone would volunteer to take him back.

There may laws on the books may be that if the Dept of Wildlife gets him, that is what they have to do. But if someone else traps him, that would be an option, I’d think.

From Virginia opossum - Wikipedia

As the opossum is not adapted to colder winters or heavy snow, its population may be significantly reduced if a colder winter with heavier snow occurs in a particular northern region.

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I’ve seen a few possums in suburban Connecticut, but not many in Vermont. OTOH, in Georgia they hang out in droves and eat politely with the managed feral cat populations.

Was not aware of them as a disease vector, either. They can resist rabies, at least.


So it’s unlikely they’d have much of an impact and probably die over winter anyway?

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