GTA5 PC race bike + Oculus Rift DK2


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It looks like making Fast & Furious 8 might be quite a lot cheaper.

Finally, a Rift demo video that doesn’t insist on cramming in both screens side by side.

This is very well done.

I get they’re showing off the headset effect, but man, it’s totally jarring to be “driving” and to be constantly just staring off out the windows or snapping back to look behind you.

The sense of freedom you get from divorcing the camera from the movement (or even the targeting reticle!) is absolutely amazing. The time I have spent with half-baked demos at work has pretty much sold me on the technology.

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This pretty much convinced me that I need to at LEAST borrow my friend’s OR DK2

I have GTAV. I have a DK2. What I’ve not had yet is enough patience to spend the time messing around with some bit of third party software trying to get the VR working right. So far this is the downside of VR, the time spent getting the bloody software running correctly/at all.
Mind you, after watching that video I really should get on it…

(Oh, and I just found out that VorpX is £31)

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