Funny video imagines the Oculus Rift as a 1980s product

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As a 1990’s product, its display would be red. In fact, this article ties together the old console and the Oculus Rift.


Love the Star Wars arcade game call out at the end.


Doing lines of nostalgia today. Gonna boot up some old SNES rpgs next.

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The room diagram at 1:45 is way too smooth and hires. It could be hires and static or lores and animated, pick one!

Okay, enough nitpicks, otherwise that’s some really great attention to detail.

That game was sooooo good. My favorite thing at the arcade in the Holyoke Mall in Ingleside, MA back in the day!

This 90s Oculus Rift spoof ad is GREAT, haha oh MAN I would have wanted this thing so bad in 1992/1993 right after reading Snow Crash!

4:3, analog tape, chroma ringing & ghosting… yep, this is how you make an 80’s parody video…

The Oculus Rift is a 1980ies with better graphics.

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