Guitar made from shotgun that still shoots


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“Hey Bubba, hold my beer and watch this.”


Should have been a banjo


My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama.

Eponymous Frank Zappa ditty


I’ve played in bars where this might have come in handy.


This machine kills fascists.



But can he play White Wedding on it?


Great… now, for safety’s sake, you have to assume that all guitars are loaded.


Perfect for playing the 18 12-gauge Overture.


Nice. Reminds me of that Tool song that uses the racking and shooting of a shot gun as percussion.


I gotta call my DM and tell him I want to change my bard’s instrument/weapon proficiencies.


I suppose the Bay Area is too expensive for the original burning man participants.



Jeeze, I know that Inspire Courage only lasts for a few minutes per day, but there are more Bardic Performance options available than that!


Cooler if it was a banjo.


Something something America and it’s guns something Europe.


…only outlaws will have guitars


I still need to see that movie.


Start with El Mariachi if you can track down a copy. (As far as I know Desperado is the only sequel in Hollywood history that was filmed in a different language than the original.)