Guitarist Maria Barbieri covers Crimson's "impossible to play" Fracture

Originally published at: Guitarist Maria Barbieri covers Crimson's "impossible to play" Fracture | Boing Boing


she uses a looper pedal , which i consider to be legitimate in this context ,
< and also in ordinary coffee shop performances , your mileage may vary , offer void , as usual , in texas outside of austin >


I’m not sure she’s using a looper pedal. She’s definitely playing against the original track, as at around 9 min or thereabouts, someone in the band lets out an involuntary “whoop!” and that’s in there, as are some staticy sounds prior to that that would be difficult to mimic perfectly if it were some sort of music-minus-one gutiar karaoke version. Whether Fripp’s track has been wiped or if she’s playing on top of it I can’t really tell.

Regardless, incredible.

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Goodness, it’s The Black Page for guitar. Awesome.

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This is the entrance test for the League of Crafty Guitarists

I was too late:

Do Frownland next.

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