Guy accused of stealing Pelosi's lectern imagined as a Mentos freshmaker

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Trying hard to laugh at the memes, but this was nothing more than a violent insurrection and if you read the reports closely, this country was 60 seconds away from seeing the VP and members of congress being executed on livestreams. Not much to laugh about when you step back and look at the bigger picture.


I’m seriously wondering if it is distraction. The far right want people to laugh at buffalo guy and lecturn guy, they aren’t threatening, while ignoring the zip tie squads.

If they can get liberals to focus on the former, they can rescue something from the situation. Don’t let them.


This is dumb as hell.


I saw a photo of this guy somewhere wearing a Phish shirt.

That sums up my opinion of Phish pretty accurately.


Mentos: the Fashmaker

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