Post-Insurrection Saturday Updates - The Guardian

  • Florida Man who took the lecturn arrested
  • QAnon Shaman arrested. That flag pole was a spear.
  • West Virginia State Delegate Derrick Evans is arrested and resigns.
  • Pelosi office occupier and mail thief 60-year-old Richard Barnett arrested.
  • Details about the disturbing amount of armament brought to the capital.
  • Lisa Murkowski first republican senator to call for Trump to hit the road.

One of the invaders was openly planning, and carried weapons into the building, to assassinate Nancy Pelosi. Will any male GOP Senators grow a spine? Anyway, excellent breakdown by Guardian reporters Martin Pengelly in New York and Richard Luscombe in Miami.

UPDATE: GOP Senator Pat Toomey has the vertebrae.


Some were also ready to take out Mike Pence. So the idea was to take out the next two people in line for the Presidency while simultaneously halting the certification process that would allow the next administration to take power. A bloody attempted coup by any reasonable definition.


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