Guy builds his own single-seat thrill ride


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You know what would be fun? Positive feedback - the faster your heart goes, the faster the ride goes! Jane! Stop this crazy thing!


Hm, i was thinking you were talking about a different kind of thrill ride :sweat:


Was waiting for the guy that walked off the set to say “see you tomorrow”.


Strapping yourself to a trebuchet. Yeah thats a good idea.


I think he should call it The Kevorkian.



Single seat thrill ride has to be some kind of innuendo.


This is what i thought of…


Speaking of thrill rides. Check out Colin Fruze’s bumper car:


I will never understand how some people derive pleasure from disorientation, dizziness, and nausea.


As someone prone to motion sickness, roller coasters rarely evoked any of those things in me (Exceptions: coasters which roll backwards, and “simulated motion” rides).

I just get a rather pleasant adrenaline rush.


Some people are more susceptible to getting headaches and motion sickness from rides. And i’ve noticed as i’ve grown older i’ve had a bit of a harder time with roller coasters, but i enjoy them a lot so for me it’s worth it :smiley:


Yeah, as I mentioned, there’s certain kinds of rides that just don’t work for me. Disney and Universal in Orlando were not very fun, as they were packed mostly with the kinds of rides which make me nauseous.

Canada’s Wonderland, on the other hand, is nearly all open-air coasters (or, it was a few years back), which rarely cause me any problems at all.


Subsequent inversions would serve as insurance against unintentional survival of particularly robust passengers.

How about ludicrously robust passengers?


The ones i don’t enjoy much are coasters that have jarring turns. It’s hell on your muscles and neck. And the few rides that have insanely big drops i don’t quite enjoy either, felt like the drop at The Goliath in Six Flags California was going to snap my neck off or give me an aneurysm… or asphyxiate me as it’s hard to breathe with that much air rushing past you (ironically).


I want to design mine


Yep, I’m with you there – I really enjoy a straightforward rollercoaster, but spinning/whipping around/backwards makes me miserable for hours afterwards. The ride in this story would be my personal Hell.


Impressive but it just takes a glance at a tongue depressor to get me to barf.


A siege army would agree with you; the dead guy-turned projectile couldn’t strap himself in, and the fight to take the castle MUST continue!