Guy finds ant colony living behind his television screen. Any suggestions on how he can shoo them away?


Is he sure they’re not the Zanti misfits?


Helium in a big Ziploc or sealed garbage bag?

Had a colony move into one handset of a multi-phone system. Boss man took the phone apart, cleaned the nasty-looking bunch out with an old toothbrush, and left the phone open for several days with plenty of cheap ant baits next to it. No recurrences.

More usual scenario is roaches moving into rental units’ microwaves. Put boric acid underneath and they walk through it and die.


That music at the end is awesome. Also that original ending went hard on the art house imagery


I want to see this:

Because I am familiar with

lesser known Frank Herbert is great.


Even though it’s fragile and you’ll likely break it in the process, you should try taking it apart and cleaning it. Even if you lure them all out and poison them all, the ants will have left castings behind, and you’ll have a bunch of dark spots in your picture.

It’s worth trying instead of just throwing it away.


yes, absolutly! :grin: I love that movie. the macro-shots alone are worth it; they have to be seen to be believed.


might i suggest an ancient one more inclined to be interested in ants…


…delicious delicious ants.


We use dry grits here in Ga. The ants pick up the grits, take them home and eat them. Then the grits swell up and BOOM - exploding ants. Sounds nuts, but it works.


Came for the Phase IV reference.
Leaving satisfied.


Just don’t pull too hard a vacuum, it would likely smash the screen.


I had that happen in Chicago. The tenants two floors up, and on the opposite side of the building had a roach problem that affecting everyone in the building. When they left in the dead of night, the building manager sent in the exterminator. He comes out, and says “I’ve been doing this job for 20 years. And I’ve seen some bad stuff. But this is the worst infestation I’ve ever seen.”


He could try complaining at the ant counter.


Like Joe’s Apartment bad?


LOL. I own the DVD. A classic.
We just had the “spill over” roaches. I imagine it was that level bad. When a grizzled veteran of the bug wars tells shit like that, I’m not going in.
I assume it was like the battle of Klendathu in there. ****


Came for this. Leaving satisfied


we got there


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