Guy Maddin’s Seances is a Different Movie Every Time You Watch It

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The movie you watch will never be seen by anyone else, nor will it exist after you are finished viewing it. I’ve sneakily captured two of these below.

Do these two sentences contradict each other?


Ha, they do indeed.

This project is exciting. I loved Maddin’s My Winnipeg.

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Pictures for Sad Children did a comic like that. It was about the surreal daily life of Michael Keaton. Sadly, the creator had a breakdown, declared war on capitalism, and took everything they could off the internet, so I can’t link it here.

I think I have a saved copy of the site somewhere on my computer (they gave out all their code before going dark).

Didn’t that get adapted into a [Michael Keaton movie] (

I was going to make a snarky comment, but, yeah, that’s actually eerily similar.

Lynn Cinnamon has a good summary of what happened.

Back a few years I was friends with them on twitter, they came to TCAF, and you could tell they did not like the crowds or the whole “meet the author/buy directly from the author” shilling aspect of the event. But you’d never have thought it would have gone from dislike to burning books.

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It’s sad how much of that article is:

<image removed in accordance with DMCA claim by John Campbell>

In fact, the whole story is sad.


The article misses that there were posts about coming out as trans and being put down by roommates with no where to go. Last I heard, they were going to try and reconnect with family to see if they would be accepted or if the family would need to be cut out of their life forever.

A lot of comics people who knew them were expressing serious concern about their mental health. I sometimes wonder what happened to them and hope they found some help.

The worst part was the press picking up the book burning story and ignoring all the other stuff going on at the time.

(I don’t know what their preferred pronouns are, so I’m sticking with they/them/etc.)

I was lucky to get the book (and some extra stuff) in the end, but I never felt anything but concern during that time unlike a lot of other “fans”.


From the article:

She (John came out as transgender last year) had published a book of her first 200 comics rather successfully in 2009.

But yeah, I do hope they got the help and support they needed. I know a lot of comics people in Toronto and they were helpless watching this happen in real time and not being able to help at all. They burned a lot of bridges unfortunately… I hope they’re well wherever they are now. :confused:

Apologies to the mods for going so far off topic.

On that note, as a Canadian, I frakking hate Guy Madden films. @milliefink - My Winnipeg is terrible and i worry that we can no longer be friends!

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Well, maybe we can if you let me know why you think it’s terrible…

I don’t like any of his films… I don’t like the direction or the camera work or the acting… not my thing in the least. It feels contrived to me. Just not my oeuvre.

I like long still quiet films where nothing happens for long periods of time. Also westerns. :wink:

Ah, okay. I like some still quiet films too, but My Winnipeg appeals to me as a kind of effectively recreated fever-dream. And I like also the theme within that dreamy setting of wanting to escape a hometown, but feeling a heavy, restraining inertia (which can seep into dreams). I can relate.

Speaking of quiet, have you seen this? It’s devastating, in a good way.

The second sentence is just a bit of hyperbole to generate a wee bit of interest in the reader, hopefully encouraging you to watch one of the videos immediately below.

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