Hold the Babadook Book!

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i’d buy this in a second if they release a more reasonably priced version. here’s to hoping for a second less collectable printing.


Its the Bababook!

FWIW, anyone looking for more creepy aussie horror should check out the faux documentary Lake Mungo (2008).

Am I bad for wanting the kid to die through most of the film?

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It aint no necronomicon.

I couldn’t watch the whole film. I’m the mom of an autistic kid with some behavioral issues, and the movie’s underlying tension hit a little too close to home. But yeah … I could see, from what I saw … that this is a very well made horror film.


I think that’s pretty much how they wanted us to feel.

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It’s putting us in the general situation of post-partum depression (and general anger and alienation) , yes, that is the horror of the film.

Just want to let you know the there’s a random internet stranger thats been thinking about this post for a few days and contemplating the complexities of your family. If I knew what people could say that was not unintentionally off putting and clumsy while meant to show empathy, I’d say it now.

Then again tis whole comment is probably off putting and clumsy. Aw crap. Forget it.


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