"It Follows" is one of my fave horror movies. Rent it in HD for 99 cents

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Well, guess you have to have sex with a monster.


A nice study in making a film with no budget at all.

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Never heard of it until now, but it sounds like the first horror movie I’ve been interested by in a good while. And the chiptune (?!) soundtrack is by the composer who worked on Fez? Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? Will watch.

Heard from several online sources that this was a really innovative and quality horror movie. Watched it. Wish I hadn’t. It was awful. I tried to like it. I looked for anything in it that I could like. Nothing. It was just terrible. But, there are plenty of folks who love it.

I watched the start of it, couldn’t get into it.

If you liked “It Follows”, check out The Babadook. As the AV Club recently brought up they both deal with unbeatable horror. Which is more realistic in a way (ignoring the implausibility of both films’ horror) – life isn’t great in a lot of ways, but we have to deal with it even if we can’t fix it.


It’s about sexual fear. AIDS metaphor?

AIDS doesn’t work that way, though. You don’t get rid of it by passing it on. Maybe a metaphor for abuse?

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Just here for the Babadook. SO GOOD!

Also, its not out yet, but I saw it at TIFF: The Witch. Period (1600s, not menstruation) horror!

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Babadook was amazing… It Follows was amazing. Enjoyed both films.


I can vouch for the excellence of this film. Both I, a non-horror movie person and my partner, a horror buff, loved it.

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The last third of the movie just kind of falls apart.

If you liked The Shining, Paranormal Activities (first one), or Primer, you’ll like It Follows.

Kind of sucks that Mark had to SPOIL the entire premise of the movie, however. A good movie review doesn’t need to summarize and spoil major plot points. So, in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the computer goes crazy and aliens inhabit Jupiter.

Forget $0.99, this is on Netflix. At least here in Canada.


Yeah, I had it on the list for this halloween for the same reason. People raving about it everywhere. I was pretty excited.

But no, it’s boring. Like seriously half-hour-too-long boring. It has a few good moments and you spend your time waiting for them to arrive. I’m pretty open when it comes to film but it’s been a long time since I came away this disappointed. I feel like I watched the low budget horror equivalent to Spider-Man 3.

At least the characters mostly didn’t strike me as stupid, though I’m not sure what benefit they expected to come from half the stuff they did.

[quote=“nadir_seen_fire, post:15, topic:68266, full:true”]Forget $0.99, this is on Netflix. At least here in Canada.[/quote]I’m too busy to justify a Netflix subscription these days, so this is an intriguing offer. (I’m also quite content to live with SD and avoid having to wait for buffering.)

A better question is, are Amazon.com rentals available in Canada?

I dunno’, attractive young cast, maybe(?) Mild dread, I guess(?)
I kinda’ liked the neighborhood(?)
Why so many older cars?

Agreed with others that The Babadook is brilliant, and much recommended.

A much more Halloween-y movie that slipped under my radar until this year is “Trick 'r Treat”. It’s a fun horror anthology in the vein of Creepshow, with stories centered around Halloween.

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Had high hopes for this movie, but it was terrribly boring, predictable, repetitive, obvious metaphor for STD transmission, and worst of all not remotely scary. Understand people have different tastes in movies, but I’m truly baffled how It Follows has obtained so many positive reviews.

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