On iTunes and in Your Nightmares


My wife and I saw this at an independent theater here in Portland. We were both severely disappointed by this movie. We have kids, so we know what it is like dealing with child problems, and the storybook was kind of creepy, but the movie didn’t make a lick of sense.

Seriously, the ending was just awful and the ‘rules’ concerning the Babadook weren’t consistent.

I watched this on UK blu-ray last night and while it wasn’t as ‘horror movie’ scary as I expected it WAS an incredible depiction of a mind unravelling under the pressure of raising a difficult child and the legacy of bereavement and ongoing grief,

And what performances! Outstanding.

Well fine, I’ll be the voice of reason. The movie is terrific and creepy. The atmosphere was extremely well controlled, the timing was excellent, and the acting was the best acting in a horror movie I have seen.

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