Guy turns a double decker bus into a two-story RV


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As always, Spice Girls did it first:


Maker of the Year Award goes to this guy.


This is a dream of mine (I’ve been a bit obsessed with RVs and tiny homes for the last few months). I’d really like to convert one of those open top or half open top double decker buses though, and have an outdoor patio and grill area up top. Maybe not the most efficient use of space, but I love the idea of lounging by a lake from a second-story deck.


Well an RV is the swinginest thing around, baby. Does anybody under 65 own one in real life? Hippies, man, they’re all hippies.

Personally, my idea of a recreational vehicle would be a Honda del Sol from the late 90s. It doesn’t have a patio, but it’s a good bit faster.


That does sound pretty awesome. Getting that stuff off the ground is a huge plus anyways.


And the total cost was…?

I’m guessing $500,000. If he counts his own time as worth anything, that is.

Very nice result, too.


Doubledecker meet your nemesis…


When I see super motor homes, I think: “COOL!” And then I think about driving that beast and go immediately to: “No thanks.” I think I’d rather drive Jacques Tati’s mini RV from the movie Trafic.


Fantastic!! And +googol for the Stan and Ollie clips.


Yeah it’d be a hard pass for me. Especially considering parking it and gas mileage. I would rather have a trailer or camper.


I’ve seen a lot of people in their 40s, and a small handful in their 20s. They are travel trailers or fivers, not motor coaches though (all of them are RVs though). I have two at the moment, but I would like to only have one. Do you have a spare $27k? I know where you can find a nice 40’ fiver… (actually it is a “California 40”, which is 39’11" and less some 16ths, but not 40’ where you need a special license)


Cliff Richard did this in 1963 in “Summer Holiday” and did a maker video too:


I went from ‘meh, been there, done that’, to, ‘Hoo boy, this is a lot nicer than my old hippy bus was’, to, ‘wait, is that a robot?!’. This is one fancy-pants bus.


bonus points for the central vacuum, that was good foresight


I’m not sure why, but the idea of these is very appealing, despite what must be enormous practical issues and a certain degree of ridiculousness. The half-remembered remnants of some childhood fantasy, perhaps. Or the ridiculousness of it.

The mere idea gives me the collywobbles.

That’s not a bus, though - that’s a TARDIS.


It doesn’t get much mention in the video save for a few quick passes, but the observation deck right above the driver’s seat is superb!


But it needs a piano bar…and a bowling alley.


Doesn’t a diesel engine like that cost around 60K on it’s own?


What about a restaurant in a bus ?