Guy who pretends to murder people for a living named Russian Goodwill ambassador


Nah we have been over this recently… it boils down to we were breaking things with our previously large number of likes. I will take the lower but mostly workable limit over breaking discourse.


Already asked him; he said the limit is between 300-500 per 24 hour period, depending upon member levels.

That still doesn’t make a lot of sense though, if you guys also ran out; both of your accounts are ‘regular’ status.


They seem to be back, at least for me.


I wonder: In his role as intercontinental info-mule, into which bodily orifice will Segal be stuffing the Putin-Trump communiques?


That his gray-flecked pubes gives him away?




Oh it is a rolling limit,so give a few minutes and you get back some, run out again, wait again.



Well worth checking out. Cracked has gone from good to excellent, it appears.


While there is still much of interest there, they actually laid off a huge chunk of their staff not so long ago, because we can’t have nice things, or something. Seems many of them ended up at The Modern Rogue – but that’s a tale for another thread, perhaps.


I think Seagal is reprising his role as “Cock Puncher” from
“The Onion Movie”


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