Hacker claims he rigged presidential elections throughout Latin America. Could it happen here?


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I still don’t understand why Ohio 2004 isn’t viewed with any suspicion at all.


hear, hear!


You mean could it happen here again?


he is serving a 10 years sentence for hacking and spying on the government and elected officials

Is it not ironic that they guy is imprisoned not for subverting democratic processes, but for spying upon the legitimate government? Shouldn’t everybody directly keep tabs on their government, rather than take their word for anything? Governments require oversight and management by the populace, and this doesn’t happen by itself.


Xeni, you asked the question, but missed the money quote:

Sepúlveda says he was offered several political jobs in Spain, which he says he turned down because he was too busy. On the question of whether the U.S. presidential campaign is being tampered with, he is unequivocal. “I’m 100 percent sure it is,” he says.


$12,000 a month is chicken-feed, if it lands you the presidency of your country. Even the premium package ($20,000) is nothing compared to the amount of money spent on legitimate campaigning.




“On the question of whether the U.S. presidential campaign is being tampered with, he is unequivocal.”

Campaign hacking. Not ELECTION hacking. This article is about a guy who applied subterfuge to campaigns and media streams, he didn’t go into a voting machine and change votes or some such similar “election hacking.”

Apples and oranges. Of course all kinds of shady shit goes on within campaigns aimed at other campaigns. Alleging to have hacked election results, is a different matter.



I’m not supposed to say anything… But…

We have a secret court system with secret laws and secret surveillance in this country. I’m sure who gets to rig elections and when is probably under their jurisdiction.

So I can see why you’d be worried, but… Confidentially… Don’t. Someone’s handling it.

Someone with your best interests at heart.

Sure we have a few bad apples trading nude photos of women they surveil. But only around the office.

Besides… What’s a stolen election or two between friends?



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Oh, it’s a thing?!?



Damn, I thought we were making obscure references to Karl Rove.


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You might want to check with Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitztrakis about US election hacks sometime.


Well, the latter was proved in court and the former is a story he’s selling (telling?). It may not actually be true but certainly hasn’t been proven in a court of law.



Whale obviously I’ll allow it.