Hacker puppets and Jean Claude Van Damme demonstrate how the internet crosses the ocean


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Yep, that’s all I got.


Thanks for contributing to the commons, JCVD!

Damn, misread that as ‘comments’!


Chuck Norris fact #386: Chuck Norris shaves with…

We’re sorry. Jean Claude Van Damme has cut your connection to Chuck Norris Facts.

Jean Claude Van Damme it all!!!


First transatlantic cable: 1858
First (successful) geosynchronous satellite: 1963

Transatlantic fiber latency: ~60 ms
Geosynchronous satellite latency: 240-280 ms

Don’t ask random people that type of question, I guess.


It’s enough.


True, but if you ask a random person what network latency even means you’ll often get blank looks :wink:


That’s when you have to go all Grace Hopper on them.


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