Hacker suspected in Anon raid on Boston hospital rescued at sea by Disney cruise ship, then arrested

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So what did the guy in the video say? was he calling for violence/crime? or was his language carefully crafted?

I didn’t listen to the video, but the guy in it was coordinating DDoS attacks against a children’s hospital and harassing a judge which is what he was arrested for. Trying to flee the country after you’ve been charged is a very bad idea.

If this isn’t the beginning of a Cory Doctorow novel, it should be.


That being said, the whole case with the girl was horrible, the hospital, with the connivance of the State of Massachusetts, kept her from her parents for 16 months.

A local story, the family is from CT (near where I live and work).

tldr; - Boston Children’s Hospital had a number of assholes who through a combination of action and inaction caused physical and mental harm to a sick child, as well as her family. But that does not justify attacking the hospital’s ability to provide (hopefully better) care for other patients.


Yeah, I understand why the guy was upset at the injustice. DDoSing a children’s hospital because their administrators/some employees were bastards is neither a just nor a sane response to that injustice.


My niece when she was a teenager had a baby with a rare genetic disease. Because the baby had a rash condition, the children’s hospital accused her boyfriend of sexual abuse of the toddler. Fortunately, specialized dermatologists were we able to get a diagnosis.

The problem with institutions is grabbing onto the simpler solution without doing the research.


Hacker? The guy uploaded a naughty Youtube video. I understand we live in an age where that can be a felony, but it’s still not hacking. In fact, if he “calls upon Anonymous” and isn’t a hacker, the best term for that might be poseur.


The Feds claim he was in twitter chat sessions coordinating with others on the DDoS, and claim he was participating in the DDoS against the hospital. So there’s a bit more than just uploading a video that he’s charged with.

That would explain why he was trying to flee the country. If he’d just uploaded a video (and a pasetbin link with the hospital IPs) he’d have a moderate chance of a legal case, but he allegedly did a whole lot more than that.

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Was it definitely in bad faith? There are laws mandating that certain types of employee (usually including health care workers and educators) report any evidence of child abuse to the appropriate agencies. The employee can be subject to prosecution if they fail to report.

There is a lot of tension for me between the desire to protect children from abusive parents and the desire to prevent unaccountable bureaucrats from irresponsibly breaking up families. But sometimes the bureaucrats aren’t actually unaccountable, and often they are decent people with lives and families of their own.

If you read the articles (there are a lot more than what I linked to, above) the doctors at BCH refused to contact the doctors at Tuft’s that had been treating the child. They just disagreed with the diagnosis entirely, based solely on current presentation with no consideration of history whatsoever, and charged the parents with mistreatment. It’s not like BCH was disregarding a bunch of quacks or some fly-by-night offshore medical establishment. They, contrary to standard practices and procedures, ignored and refused to consider a body of evidence compiled by highly qualified physicians who study the field the patient was suffering from_ and instead insisted everything was psychosomatic_ , locked the child up without access to the medecines she needed (much less for the specific complaint they went to BCH for in the first place), and charged the parents with neglect. And this went on for more than a year.


Thank you for catching me up – it is very gracious as you would have been pretty justified in telling me to RTFA.


Occam’s razor cuts both ways.

Since nobody else said it yet, what was teh hospital doing out at sea and how did they get it on a cruise ship?

I’m so confused. And alone. And I should take my meds.


what was teh hospital doing out at sea and how did they get it on a cruise ship?

First, you need to understand that the hospital’s father is a mountain and its mother is a washing machine.

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