Hailstorm carpets parts of Guadalajara in a 1.5m layer of ice

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Tuxis Autos was thinking what I was thinking…


Raspados = sno-cones, or shaved ice.


At least the “floating downhill on water” explains how it got 1.5m deep. Because 1.5m of hail falling from the sky would be crazy biblical plague amounts of hail. And it also explains why all the roofs haven’t collapsed.


1.5 meters? Did they find a haildrift to measure? The pictures in the article don’t show anything over half a meter, and most of it closer to just ground covering. Or did the rain melt it too quickly for pictures?

That’s still a lot of hail. I’ve never seen more than a solid but thin ground covering. Maybe 100mm at the worst.

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Fun fact: Guadalquivir and Guadalajara are the names the Arab invaders gave those rivers when they conquered most of the peninsula way back in the day. In Arabic, they mean “the big river” (wadi al-kabir) and “the other river” (wadi al-ahara).


I saw a video someone shot of a truck trying to drive through this and while “everything” is about 1.5 meters “deep”, it appears to be mostly water with maybe 4-6" of ice on top.
It looks more like a lot of rain runoff in the area mixed with hail that is floating on top.
That kind of explains the lack of damage to the roofs and the numerous cars that seem to be piled up as if they were caught up by a flash flood event of some sort.

EDIT: found the video of a truck driving through this:


Free ice for margaritas! I’m leaving right now for Guadalajara!


“Carpeted.” “Accumulated.” Those terms are making people think that 1.5 meters of hail fell from the sky. That did not happen. A lot of hail fell and got washed into low spots where it collected as the water level dropped.

Physics and math are our friends. 1.5 meters of hail falling from the sky would have crushed every building underneath it and killed a lot of people. That’s 150+ pounds of ice per square foot. No roof anywhere is designed to hold that much weight.


looks at least like one meter.

some indeed did.


I’m pretty sure that the ice is only 1.5 cm thick. 1.5 m thick – the mind boggles.

Heh. Nice URL (go back a page if you missed it.)

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No real “gotcha” moment intended from me to you, but that roof looked extremely sketchy from the get-go. From the image, I’m just thinking it was tin to cover auto bays for a mechanic or auto paint technician. I live in TJ, but this is a standard setup in Mexico…

Compare to the “real” roofs of homes and businesses in the the same photo, and it doesn’t look so bad. I can even see the guy walking in the slush on his roof across the street.


Things like this are pretty much proof of climate change.

I understand there is freak weather but this is in Mexico, in the middle of summer.

Are you watching, Trump? yeah, yeah, the Chinese orchestrated this, surely! /s

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As written, it’s 1.5 m in places. Not all places, just some places.


tRump’s going to say “See, there’s ice in Mexico in summer and the Fake News wants us to believe that it’s getting hotter” “Sad…”.


Because, damnitJim, someone had to do it:

totaly fine with that; because honestly? it was of course kinda nitpicking from me.

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Forget that record European heat wave thing. Or the incendiary Australian heat wave thing. Or the Southern US heatwave thing. Mar-a-Lago hasn’t submerged yet.

PS: Any word on what parts of Guadalajara got it? Was Tlaquepaque innundated?

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The Arabs invaded Mexico!

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And we’re glad they did!

But really, they invaded the Iberian Peninsula (Part of Spain today) and when Spaniards invaded America, they renamed a bunch of places after other places in Spain. /pedant