Hair rental club for men


I think it looks like David Carradine so maybe it has something to do with him being in the musical hair


Apparently ran in the Sun in 1973.



When Mark ran this in early 2012 it seemed believable, but ridiculous. (Great comments in that post, esp. the jibe at Adobe CS subscriptions.)

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Next time you’re in Guildford, you should go ask them yourself, Cory.

I scaled it down, so as to not overwhelm everyone, but if you look carefully, you can make out “Hairstylist for Ladies and Gentlemen”. Bonus: there’s a Tandoori restaurant just a stone’s throw away. According to Google, it’s only about an hour and a half away by BMW.

/Y’know: Bus, Metro, Walk

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The unfortunate thing is the the contemporary version wouldn’t have abandoned the concept, just sold it as ‘a best-of-breed managed toupee solution provider’.


Managed Toupee Solutions are not all created equal. The quality of the maintenance makes all the difference. My own rug has been going strong for nearly thirty years. Regular oiling and de-lousing keep it in tip top shape. I’m confident that the ladies can’t even tell how old I am anymore…


According to a piece by Fran Lebowitz in Metropolitan Life there was, at one time in New York, at least one “nail bank” where women’s cut fingernails were saved so they could be glued on to other women’s nails, to repair breaks or just make them longer.

If that was real then this seems plausible.


Could pitch that one to Donald Trump…


I was thinking Tim Allen.

I dunno, if you’re the sort of guy who’s decided he needs a hairpiece, it could make sense to pay a constant, budgetable monthly sum instead of one big lump up front and more big payouts at unpredictable intervals.

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You omitted “artisanal” and “curated.” Otherwise A+!


I’m all for pitching things at Donald Trump, but pelting him with wigs is definitely the best idea.


Downright Pythonesque…

Larger sized here:

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Naturally, the internet happens to have precisely the image that this brought to mind.



I remember that one! Where’d it appear? Private Eye?

Me too, but no idea where. It doesn’t seem right for Viz, so maybe PI.

Seems kpkpkp was right on the button. It’s from the Gud Bok itself. And yes, Viz’s ads were cartoonier than that.


Oh, hey, has anyone posted this yet?

I believe this is actually a fake ad from the back of the Brand New Monty Python Bok, later reissued as the Brand New Monty Python Papperbok. Don’t have my copy handy but I’m pretty sure this is the source.