Hair salon refuses service to transgender and queer patrons, suggests they go to "pet groomer" instead

Supposing that the courts step in and sides with transgender and queer patrons, I’d have to wonder jjst how careful the salon employees would be when servicing said patrons. Sharp scissors, some nasty chemicals, and super-hot curling and straightening irons, you know.


No, they are just playing divide and rule. The few actual LG people (there is little to no evidence of any bisexuals in their groups) usually hate anyone who isn’t like them. The gay men hate the lesbians, the lesbians hate the gay men, and they all hate bisexuals. All they can agree on is their hatred of trans people beyond everything else.

It sounds like a very sad and joyless existence TBH.


Obviously, I can’t speak for any other marginalized groups, but as a BIPOC woman, I feel the need to quote Dr. Maya Angelou, yet again:

Hopefully the LGBTQ+ community in MI is wise enough not to spend any money with someone who actively hates them, even if the courts force compliance.


Previously, the only people who thought Pedophile fit on the end of LGBTQ+ were the NAMBLA creeps, who were very definitely told “HELL NO! GO AWAY!”

I suppose it’s gospel now in her corner of the rightverse.


Insufferable turds have closeted themselves for too long. Court rulings like this encourage insufferable turds, assholes, and shitbags to out themselves and loudly declare their horribleness. I say it’s long overdue.


That’s one way to look at it. I kinda long for the days when this was so socially unacceptable that they kept their assholery quiet and under cover. Now they just let their freak flag fly. While some of us who under no kind of threat from that attitude can gloat as they pay the price, there are too many of our brothers and sisters who are suffering from being treated as subhuman. I cannot take joy in that.


the only problem with that is that they can now legally discriminate. This will not end with them being rejected by larger society, but by them continuing to discriminate and them voting for discriminatory policies, which will hurt people.

It is not hard to uncover bigots, when bigotry is banned… they will happily tell you that they are bigots. But the state sancitioning their bigotry is not bad for them. it’s good for them. It will expand the scope of what is acceptable in terms of bigotry.

Yes, and they’re going for pushing this as national policies. The fact that so many people running for the GOP nomination are pushing for white nationalist policies should not be something we’re cheering because it “reveals bigots”… It should worry us, because despite the fact that they are a minority of the population, they are doing all they can to impose their ideal society on the rest of us…


I have no problem with businesses doing things like this.

It lets me know who I should not patronize.


Um, does she realize which community (that often times is heavily stereotyped to be connected) has a lot of influence in the hair grooming biz? Right?

Hair product supply companies thanks to that supreme court decision can also cut her off for having those views if they know who she is.


Meanwhile, in small towns, you’re OK with forcing trans and nonbinary people having to travel an hour or more to get a freaking haircut?

When people talk about a “trans tax” (or Black tax, or woman tax), this is the kind of thing they are talking about. When individual businesses offering services or products to consumers are allowed to discriminate, it increases the cost of living for the people who are being discriminated against. Who also, it just so happens, make less money doing the same jobs as White men.

So no, it’s not OK even if it makes it easier for you to identify and avoid bigots.


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It’s almost like the importance of understanding and fighting against bigotry is to help those who are the targets of such bigotry… NAH! /s


Sally Beauty is open to the general public everywhere in the US.

Seeing as this salon is in Traverse City, it’ll be “cancelled” soon enough, it’s not a particularly “conservative” town. Especially now that the owner has hoist her bigot flag for all to see. I kinda hope LARA goes after her, that’s the state licensing body for professions that require it.


That suggests that they’re cool with people identifying as something other than what was assigned at birth, but they also made it clear that’s not what they meant. So they were trying to be transphobic, but just ended up shitting on non-binary and intersex people, instead? Yeah, that makes sense, given the level of ignorance at play…

Yeah, but they don’t actually mean it. (All the US/UK “we’re just transphobic” groups unsurprisingly turn out to be homophobic, too. Even the so-called “LGB Alliance.”)


And was she trying to make a transphobic joke about “grooming”?


Matters not. She is a transphobic (among other -phobics, I will guarantee) asshole and proudly, openly so. Her pridefulness will cost her, but will make too many folks feel under fire and helpless. No humor to be found.




People not giving a fuck about anyone else but themselves is exactly how our society ended up the way it has.


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Neo-liberalism is a hell of a drug…


I used to feel the same way, probably because I grew up listening to George Carlin records. There’s a sense of relief and catharsis built into the idea of letting everything blow up so we can start over. But a whole lot of nihilism too.

My mind changed when someone pointed out that that world view assumes bigotry is an immutable constant. That it’s better to fight openly than to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. But writing and enforcing laws that keep bigots from biggoting, forcing their views and actions into isolation is what fighitng them is. Their cruel shit can wither and die in obscurity, or it can grow and spread and flourish.


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