Halloween candy sales likely to dip and festivities are being cancelled

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We should have an app or something for virtual trick-or-treating, like where the kids can upload pix of their costumes and granny can give them virtual treats in cryptocurrency.


Plague Doctor masks and costumes, however, are through the roof!


But wearing masks on Halloween is traditional, even among children of Republicans, so there’s that.


I’ve been hoping that this pandemic might illustrate the reality that our economy depends in large measure on the individual spending of the American consumer, which means that our economic policy should probably be geared to benefit the American consumer, but I’m not at all convinced that message is being received by anyone in power.


It’s the one time people voluntarily wear masks and we’re not going to do it.


Looks like it would be a great opportunity to sell costumes for drive-by trick-or-treating events. I’ve got a few for my car already.

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So this year I take it children without masks are most eligible for “scariest” costume


I will do my best to make up the slack in candy consumption. I am however somewhat disturbed that Halloween candy is already in the supermarkets. Shortages of actual food, plenty of ‘fun size’ Snickers.

Kids aren’t that stupid. They know that’s a trick.


The biggest Southern California theme parks — Universal Studios Hollywood, the Disneyland resort in Anaheim and Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park — have been closed since mid-March and have already canceled their upcoming Halloween celebrations.

No Knott’s Scary Farm? That’s rough.

There are lots of terrible things about COVID, but I feel particularly bad for all the kids who’ve had a year’s worth of childhood joy stolen from them, sometimes irrecoverably.


It’s not really related to COVID but I was curious to see how the park would handle their traditional “Hanging” show this year, given the increased sensitivity/awareness about lynching related imagery these days. I’m kinda amazed that they’ve kept the show going this long.


I suspect festivities will be cancelled, but candy sales won’t drop too much. Early on in the lockdown, retail chocolate sales went up. I know that over Easter, online orders for chocolate gifts also went up: shop around for a halloween equivalent of Chocolate Bunnies.


I’m pretty sure the big candy makers will be okay. Around here full face masks have been a big no no for trick or treaters (blah blah, kids can’t see well out of them blah blah), so it will be interesting to see if that changes this year.

In some ways I’m glad I won’t be giving out candy this year, because I’m too lazy to top last year where I pulled the long con. I made a dummy out of my witchy clothes and left it on the front porch for most of Oct. Then I dressed in my clothes on Halloween and sat still until the kid got close then I cackled loudly as the reached for the candy in my lap. I got many a good jump and shrieks, and by the end of the night I had people bringing their friends to watch them get freaked. Ahhh good times…


What percentage of halloween candy is given away vs self-consumed though?


Most of the stuff in Salem Massachusetts is being cancelled too. Here’s a list:

The following events have already been canceled:

  • Haunted Happenings Grand Parade
  • Mayor’s Night Out
  • Kids’ Costume Parade
  • Lanterns in the Village
  • Biz Baz Street Fair
  • Creative Collective Merchant Marketplace vendors
  • Salem Food Truck Festival
  • Outdoor food vendors, including Fiesta Shows food trucks
  • Great Salem Pumpkin Walk
  • Haunted Harmonies
  • Howl-o-ween pet parade

And here’s an article from Boston.com


A 1961 Ford Falcon that isn’t dented or rusted out? Must be a vampire car!


I’d also like to see a breakdown of the “dad tax” percentage in candy hauls.


It’s a ‘60. There is a pretty decent dent on the right front fender, but I managed to snag a replacement fender off of a ‘61 falcon in a local wrecking yard. Some day I’ll install it and get the car repainted. Right now it’s rocking an Earl Sheib $199.95 special from the 1990’s.

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Curses, off by a year! Thanks for the correction, I appreciate it. Looks like you are having fun with the car though, and that’s the important thing. I’ve wanted a classic car for a long time now, at first I didn’t have the money, then I didn’t have the space. Now I have the money and the space, but no time!

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It was a good guess. In fairness the only real difference between those model years is the grille, which is covered with teeth or a beard in those photos.

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